Sunday, 12 July 2009

I Hate the Fashion Police

I've been having a nose through some of my fellow fashion bloggers' musings tonight...I love peeping inside their brains and seeing what inspires them and what ideas they come up with...there's so many blogs I love, but as well as finding some gems, I've happened upon the evil sorcerers of the fashion blogging world. Oh what miserables. The ones who take it all waaaaay too seriously...this one in particular almost made my soup come back out my mouth, and her 'mantra' perfectly illustrates all I hate about the Fashion Police:

''My mantra - burn the tracksuit honey and learn to walk in a pair of damn heels. Life's too short not to look tall and fabulous. Mwaw! Lovin' your work. xxx ''

Well I'm not loving yours, Honey. Don't you just hate her?? I do.