Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Hazards of Being a Designer

Regardez Lorna wearing the shoes I never took back. What a fool, I couldn't bare to part with them, so I wore them, needless to say I couldn't walk in them and they looked stupid but they'd been worn outside so couldn't return them, so I ended up donating them...

They also acted as compensation for Lorna standing on an upside down pin cushion that I'd left lying around in my flat. Eek! Seriously, the grossest thing ever, more than 10 pins got completely forced into her foot. Dan got them out while I hyperventilated in the corner. I am the worst person to have around in a crisis!! So I thought her poor little toosties deserved to be shrouded in such loveliness.

You may recognise The Clash t-shirt from the giveaway I'm having. Looks good on doesn't it?!