Tuesday, 25 August 2009

Magazines and Things

I've officially read every single fashion magazine that's out at the moment on the loooong journey home from my weekend by the sea.

Which ones do you regularly read? I find the 'higher end' ones like Tatler and Harper's Bazaar are so pretentious, devoted to high priced designers (whereas I love a bit of appreciation for the high street), and filled with snaps of socialites that I couldn't care less about, and the cheaper ones are so blatently filled with the same old tat - trashy articles, poorly thought out shoots and uninspiring outfits . The only ones I frequent these days are Vogue and Grazia, and occasionally Style and Elle. On long journeys I buy the lot though, and then moan about them, like this, haha!

One article that I read earlier was Grazia's nomination of Emma Watson as the most stylish lady of the summer. I think she's making the perfect transition into womanhood with bags of class and grace (not a mini skirt or knicker flash pap shot in sight). There have been some not-so-clever wardrobe choices, and maybe sometimes she dresses a little too grown up for her age, nonetheless, she's still finding her place in the fashion world, and I definitely think this one's a style icon in the making.