Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Pret A Portobello

I jumped for joy when I heard about this website that is a virtual recreation of London's Portobello Road Market...I had a little browsy, and it's just not the same as wandering round and discovering juicy little finds for yourself...but for those of you that are too far to visit, it's worth a look see. You can browse by market stall, and you can even have haggle - like an actual market goer!

My faves...

Waistcoat - Toki + Nabi
Floaty floral tunic - Toki + nabi
Dreamy floaty sheery loveliness - Goldie

Denim shirt/jacket - Goldie

Nautical dress - Blush

Sparkly headband - Sido

Giant bow headband - Sido

Nautical necklace -Me + Zena

YEAH! necklace - Me + Zena

Anchor button earrings - Miss Crofton

Russian doll necklace - Stolen Thunder