Monday, 24 October 2011

Tessies Hearts...FLUFFY SOFTNESS

This is Ellie wearing an outfit we concocted yesterday, ain't it delicious? You don't even understand how snuggly this jacket is. Imagine a cloud...then imagine a cloud with baby rabbits and ducklings sitting on it, each of them wearing coats of marshmallow trimmed with baby soft velvet and baby skin. Then you get close. I mean it does have its downsides, one can look kind of creepy/pervy rubbing yourself against yourself while walking down the street. But that's a price I'm willing to pay my friends!

Just can't seem to quit with my obsession of all things wine/burgundy/rusty. It seems to go with every other item in my wardrobe. What's that you's OK to spend loads of money on new clothes as long as you can justify the splurging with cost per wear by the fact that it goes with everything? KAY! *Rushes out to buy more stuff*