Saturday, 25 August 2012

Tessies Hearts... EVERYTHING!

We're so joyous and delighted and full of cheer right now, everything's going so well for us at the moment. Our relaunch was a HUGE success, hundreds of wonderful customers turned out to celebrate with us (even queueing in the street to get in - WOW!), our handmade collection is selling like hot cakes, the refurb looks amazing and we've been super busy and full of ideas and inspiration. Happy bunch!

So I bet you're dying to see what the shop looks like now? Well here y'are...

And here's a little snoop at one of our handmade designs, this is my personal favourite at the moment, there was a ridiculously amazing blouse with an embellished collar that was my all time favourite top ever ever, but it sold out fast, before we had a chance to take a photo, so alas, forever it shall go undocumented.