Friday, 26 June 2009

60 Minute Makeover

I was given this tired old vintage dress to revive by the fella at Chinese Laundry Vintage Boutique yesterday. Couldn't wait to get my mitts on it and work my magic, but when I got home I realised the scale of the challenge I faced! The naffest print all over a big collared tent with an 'orrible zip smack down the middle of it is not the most inspiring of pieces I tell ya!

But I had a little think and this is what I come up with... Gave it a high-ish waist, took a few inches off the bottom, pocket on the boob (with a little bow and brooch), racer back (I'm obsessed with them at the moment) and trimmed it all in white binding with a little frill at the bottom. Pleased with the outcome and so was our Clive at the Boutique. He's going to give me a bunch of them to do up when I get back from Vegas (ONE SLEEP!). Fun way to earn a bit of dosh, and I can't wait till I spy someone wearing one in the street!!