Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Georgie Gorgie

It's taken many years of incessant bullying, trying to impose my style views on my boyfriend Dan, he was clueless God love him, (that reminds me I must find a picture to post of a denim jacket he owned with graffiti style embellishments whacked across the back, Blazing Squad style - it was promptly donated to Oxfam the day I got my filthy paws on it, teehee) but he's flourished and blossomed into a fine specimen of effortless style.

We're going shopping tomorrow for a last minute Vegas wardrobe and I get to choose some beauties (I think I actually enjoy it more than shopping for I take that back, but I do really like it). Anyway my inspiration has come courtesy of Monsieur George Lamb of Big Brother's Little Brother fame. I seen him at The Clothes Show Live last month and the outfit he was wearing has been resonating in my pea brain ever since. We're heading to Zara for a deconstructed, relaxy blazer that I've had my beady eye on for a few weeks. 'Citing!