Tuesday, 4 August 2009

London Fundon!

A very succesful trip if e'er I seen one! I found some amazing designers to stock my boutique, and am feeling very inspired and ridiculously excited to get my grubby mitts on all the gorgeous things I ordered so I can make a start on the photoshoot I've been planning *fizzes with excitement*

Here's a sneak preview of a delightful label, 'Old Romantic', which I'm going to be stocking...it's a collection of reworked vintage dresses, they're all completely unique and utterly lovely, and a complete steal all retailing around £30!! Absolute bargains, and they are so gorgeous in the flesh.

While I was being a busy worker networking bee, my lovely boyfriend Dan scarpered to 'have a wander round'. I found him a couple of hours later armed with this...

A Nissan Figaro! We've been threatening to buy one for a while now, and with a sudden rush of blood to the head, combined with his sheer boredom resulting from accompanying me to a fashion show, now we have! I love it, it's the ONLY car I could ever get excited about!