Friday, 28 August 2009

Tightful Delightful

I've just been browsing Vogue and seen a piece on hoisery as a trend for this Winter...This is one band wagon I'm always eager to jump on; what better way to brighten up a wintery outfit, whilst simultaneously banishing nobbly and pale knees!

I wish it was cold enough to wear them now...Can't wait to wear them with a bright wool coat and a wintery hat. Summer Shmummer!



Anna Sui

Alexander McQueen

I've become a stockist for Pamela Mann which has the most amazing selection of tights at prices ranging from about £3...they'll be available to buy on this blog when they arrive, and I'll post pics of which ones are available soon.

My favourites are the lace ones right now, and I think I'll be snaffling a few pairs of plain opaques in various different colours - I'm thinking red, pink, navy blue, hmmm and maybe some white ones, although I'm not sure how long they'll stay white for...