Saturday, 29 August 2009

Let's Embrace The Paleness

My skin has always been so light it's virtually see through, and I've always despised it! Years of meddling with fake tans and other products trying to disguise my undeniably English fair skin and freckles have proved fruitless, and now, after my failed attempts at pretending to have at least a healthy skin tone, I am learning to finally appreciate it.

I was looking at pictures of Nicola Roberts from Girls Aloud, and oh my sweet father, doesn't she looks absolutely amazing now she's ditched the tan and peroxide and embraced her red hair and pale skin?

This colouring is totally wasted by us foolish girls who try and hide it by slapping on the tan and piles of foundation...Lindsay Lohan could learn a lot from Nicola, and so shall I! Out with the St Tropez and in with the peachy blush I say!