Sunday, 30 August 2009

Moving House, Don't Forget My Mouse!

We're moving house this week, to a bigger place nearer the shop. We both work at home and there just isn't enough room here, it's constantly like a bomb's hit it, especially when I'm sewing, I completely ransack it. But in the new one - I'm having the whole garage (!) as my studio - eek!!And Dan, who's a poker player, is having the attic, which has been converted and is amazing.

How mean do you think it would be if we hid a REALLY LOUD alarm clock in the wall adjacent to our evil neighbours from hell and set it to go off for a couple of hours every night after we leave? Too much? Too petty?

Here's a little ensemble I'm currently coveting...

Geek glasses - Benjamin Eyewear, Jumper - Alexis Mabille, Fresh water pearls - Pearl Paradise, Spotty shorts - American Eagle Outfitters, Shoesies - Jil Sander