Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Hello Strangers!

I've FINALLY moved house...just a few teeny things left to unpack and I'm all done and never going to move house ever again never ever no way no how.

It's looking good in here though, well worth the hassle! We decided to move house AND decorate at the same time, which was not easy I tell you, but I'm glad we did now, because the place looks gorgeous, and it only took one week. Much better than dragging the whole saga out over several. Perhaps I'll share some snaps of my humble abode if anyone's interested in having a nose?

It's New York Fashion Week, I'd give my left arm to be there...but I'll settle for drooling over the new collections as and when they arrive on

I've been dressed like a homeless for the past week as you can imagine; a baggy shirt and leggings, suitable house moving attire, but I can't wait to dive into my new (walk in!!) wardrobe and wear a proper outfit!

I'm not a massive shoe freak, especially heels, too much pain - not enough gain, I can take 'em or leave 'em. But these...oh no no no, these I would sell my own mother for.

Christian Louboutin Booties