Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Bits and Flits

So Christopher Kane for Topshop was a bit of a let down was it not? Not the sell out we thought it would be. Who knew! I weren't overly impressed myself. Too grungy for me I think. Although I was a fan of the embellished pieces.

I've been catching up with my favourite blogs tonight, and I came across this which I just adored from Clare at Pretty Green. She makes the most beautiful lingerie, and now she's offering a service where she'll upcycle any fabric of yours, turning it into one of her stunning creations. The bras are ideally suited to an A - B cup as they're so delicate, but I've GOT to get me a pair of the undercrackers!

In other news; There I was, willing to rise above my menacing ex-neighbours from hell. Leave them to be their miserable selves, I know that I'm better than those fools anyway (etc etc), when Dan came home with an empty alarm clock box...I think we all know what he did it's contents. Naughty Dan. Heehee.