Sunday, 27 September 2009

I Heart The High Street

I've just read an article about George Davies whose name you might not know but whose work you'll certainly be familiar with, as he's responsible for British high street labels such as Per Una and George at Asda...Anyway, he's opening a new store 'GIVe' this week, where his main focus is 'affordable' luxury.

Personally I don't see what's affordable about a £249 coat that I don't find particularly spectacular, and I found myself infuriated, yet again at the vulgar pretention I so frequently face in this industry.

I have lost count of the amount of times I am encouraged to make 'investment purchases', please note from a few posts back that I consider a £60 top to be an investment!

You may be familiar with sentences such as 'in the current climate it's much preferable to buy a piece that transcends seasons' and while they have a point, these pieces very rarely have a price tag less than £300. And am I honestly supposed to keep this coat for ten years and wear it every winter without getting bored??

The author of said article scoffs at us mere mortals for moaning that we don't want to spend hundreds on a dress. And while I LOVE to drool over fabulous designer garments and admire their wonder, the 'throw away' fashion is all most of us can afford. And even if it weren't, don't turn your snoz up at us because we choose to spend our hard earned dosh more wisely.

A girl who fashions a fabulously thrifted outfit combined with DIYed bits and bargainous high street finds has far more personality and style in my eyes than the WAG wannabe who gets an entire pristine outfit from a designer shop. Plus, it's much more fun, like fashion should be! We win. Amen.

Case in point: Each one of these babies costs under £25


River Island

Miss Selfridge