Monday, 14 September 2009


I'm spending this evening eating Chinese food, cuddling my pooch, looking through a pile of old Vogues that found their way to me via a car boot sale and Dan's lovely mum, and catching up with my favourite blogs.

I'm looking for inspiration; When I sat down earlier to sketch my ideas for a mini collection I'm working on, I was completely stuck. I had nothing. I hate that.

I want my brain to be bursting with ideas, so much that when I'm trying to sleep, ideas randomly pop into my head and I'm like *nudge* 'Dan! Wake up! Quick! Write this down! I love that.

In other news, I'm really appreciating simple garments recently...

Vest - Whistles

Maybe that's also due to a lack of inspiration. But pieces like this silk coral vest just look so chic and effortless. I really think beautiful, quality staples like these are always worth investing in.