Monday, 14 September 2009

A Tasty Morsel From New York Fashion Week

I'm really impressed with this collection by Jason Wu, that was shown just this week in New York. These are my particular faves, and it probably has something to do with that silhouette - I just can't seem to get enough! It's so flattering and classic. It's not ground breaking, it just works!

I'm not one for getting creative with new silhouettes; I like girls to look like, well, girls. Feminine and sexy. And when you bulk up and put humps and lumps in all the wrong places it just looks plain old poo (I think anyway).

Aside from the shapes though, I think these outfits are just magnificent! There's a whole big fat mixture of fabrics and different textures in there, which I love. And they're bold, but not too over the top, oooh and I love that black and white print. Yes please, I'd like to meet these in the flesh now.