Saturday, 19 December 2009

Rave Reviews and Nice Shoes

Tessies got a brilliant review in the Hull Guide today (the weekend supplement of The Hull Daily Mail)...I'm absolutely thrilled!

I always thought those secret mystery shopper type reviews they do weren't really secret, but I can reveal that indeed they are! I had no idea that said Sneaky Sneakerson journalist had ever visited the shop, but all is well and I forgive their slyness because lovely words were said which made my head grow so big I had to have a little lie down.

In other news I went to Matalan for some emergency mittens yesterday because my hands were so cold that I almost got frostbite...and have you SEEN the shoes they do there?! SO NICE, super modern and they look really expensive, well, for £12 shoes! Not what I expected at all, I thought it was still naff in there - not so.
Thank you so much for your welcome back wishes and condolences for the loss of my poor Pamp, I really appreciate it.